caitlin kerka. 22. newjersey. senior at High Point University in NC. on my own trip.

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    Dead As Dreams - Radiator Hospital 

    17 April, 2014


We found the equator, the center of the earth, the closest point to the sun. Phillip sat on the top half of the world, I sat on the bottom. It might be a trick of my mind, but I swear I felt a difference. #oregontopatagonia #ecuador  (at La Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador)

    just deleted all my old voicemails and had to listen to the old ones from you cause I couldn’t help it. godamnit you’re so sweet. and one of the voicemails that still rips me in half is when you left me one the night after everything went down at Vic’s back in June and you sounded so sad and just wanted to know what happened that night and I couldn’t even wrap my head around what happened and it all hurt so bad. man is this all so weird.

    17 April, 2014


    I’ve been digging a grave
    with the parts of my brain
    that still work..

    17 April, 2014


    Old Gray: I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer

    Well happiness and joy and bliss, how it all disappeared so quick.
    So here’s to life and here’s to love.
    I’ve said it before, that I fade with the setting sun.

    17 April, 2014


Typewriter Series #751 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Joyce Manor

I’m getting a tattoo like this by the end of the trip. I think. Maybe. A raven holding a gun in one claw and a seed or branch in the other. I have been struck by the European interpretation of the raven as a harbinger of death and cursing, and the Pacific Northwest Native American’s belief that the raven is the creator, healer, trickster of nature. One saw death. The other life. How different our cultures can interpret the same beautiful creature. In that one symbol is something of every war and problem on earth. #oregontopatagonia